Traditional Raja Yoga

gentle and mindful

It affects positively blood circulations, inner organs, glands, muscles, joints and nervus system 

This is not a gym, a community centre or a larger yoga studio setting

our average class size is only 5 people, (max 8 people) with individual attention and instructions 


About the instructor:

Ben Navaee is a painter, photographer and yoga instructor and meditation teacher. He has been practicing and teaching yoga, relaxation and meditation for the past 25 years. In 2005 he stopped teaching his meditation workshops with the Learning Annex and used his gallery space.



The Five Tibetan Rites were discovered by the British Colonel Bradford, while living in Himalaya in the early 1900s. Peter Kelder published in 1939 'The Original Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation' explaining in details these rites. 'The Eye of Revelation' - The Original Five Rites of Rejuvenation, is the updated version.These rites normalize the speed of the spinning vortexes by keeping them spinning at the same rate and working in harmony and stimulate the energy system in the body, wake up the chakras, and get energy moving from your core outward to your extremities and influence hormonal imbalances in the body, and as a result better health and longer lasting youth and vitality. (Tibetans believe 21 is a perfect, mystical number)

Chakras are essentially energies within spinning vortexes. As a vortex is increased, the life force becomes stronger and more directed. Abnormal vortexes produces abnormal health, deterioration, and old age. 

Like in many other spiritual practices, calmness is the key to successful connection to the source. An important part of these rites is synchronization of breathing while performing them. We start and end 5 Tibetan Rites with the special breathing - exhale / hold, inhale / hold. 





Meditation workshop 1 is 2 hours long, and is a deep study of important methods of meditation for people who want to benefit from meditation at a different level.

Analytical method of meditation will be discussed as the highest state of relaxation.

"Meditation is beyond
Calming the body,
Stilling the mind, and
Quieting the spirit.

It heals all the different levels of our being, helping us draw the attention inward, and become a more centered and wholesome person. It is like a mirror reflecting the inner self, whereby showing any imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. A true sense of being is discovered through entering a world of speedless time, and timeless motion. Measurement, analysis and judgment all become meaningless. Thoughts become rootless, where disturbance becomes unnecessary and comfort becomes essential. And composure, as life's necessity." (from "Aram- Feel Younger, Feel Good, Live Longer"- 2001, Ben Navaee)

Other related topics are:
Breathing Techniques, Asanas for relaxing body and mind and different psycho-somatic relaxation techniques as a prerequisite for meditation, as well as meditation techniques including Aram Meditation.


Meditation classes are offered throughout the year

Guided Meditation



Enjoy this 2 hours pranayama, stretching/balancing and guided relaxation session. The benefits of relaxation are more than a refreshed mind and rejuvenated body.                  

There are following significant health benefits: Reduction of stress Reduction or elimination of insomnia And last but not least decreases your blood pressure and chances of developing heart disease and cancer.Body / Mind ConnectionStress and tension are very harmful to our health.  " Dr. Benson explains: relaxation provides us with a bodily response that's the exact opposite of an adrenaline rush. When we're in the midst of an adrenaline rush, the heart rate accelerates, you can feel your blood pumping faster, and you’ll breathe more quickly than usual. Relaxation is a must for a good health 

The benefits of relaxation which are naturally opposite to the adrenaline rush, include a restful heart rate, slower breathing, a drop in blood pressure. You will learn the technique necessary to relax your body and mind at will. 



Ana: " You were well received and I got some great feedback from the group after you left!"

Yvonne: "Learning about different means of communication for concentration, helped me learn things easier in general"

Marie: "Thank you, that was great, I really appreciate it. I can now meditate"

Sarah: " For years I thought I was meditating, Now I know how to meditate"

Julia: " Past 10 years I have taken this meditation workshop 3 times, everyone should learn this"

Mandeep: "After trying different meditation methods eventually I

learned something that works very well for me. THANK YOU"

Lora: " I had a hard time meditating. I took this workshop and learned how to concentrate and meditate"

Taylor: "I recommend this to everybody"

Heather: "I have had high blood presure for a long time. I learned to meditate at Ben's seminar. I am now taking less medications and feel great"

Donna: "You learn what works for you, and that's what I needed"

Peri: " It changed my life"

John: "I do recommend this class to everybody"

Laughter Yoga



HolisticFit/DelayAging workshop

A 2 ½ - hour interactive learning experience in 2 parts:

A. To find out the right combination of psycho-somatic exercises to ensure the health of the body and mind. Stretching / balancing, weight / stamina training, cardiovascular training and calming the mind / relaxation in an easy way.

B. Deals with each individual's "real age" and difficulties that might be blocking the person to reach a state of mind required for delaying aging.

-A non medical/surgical way of reducing your wrinkles through regularly relaxing your facial muscles

-Real age, Psychological age, Biological age, and Chronological age

-Achieving piece of mind as a prerequisite for living longer

- Santosha and dealing with your expectations and detachment

Will change your life, Guaranteed!

Never too late to enhance quality of your life

Become physically / mentally fit with just 7 minutes a day at the convenience of your home or workplace.

HolisticFit is the right combination of psycho-somatic exercises to ensure the health of the body and mind.

Stretching / balancing, weight / stamina training, cardiovascular training and calming the mind / relaxation in an easy way. 

Saturdays, 10:30 AM Mondays, 6 PM Fridays, 6 PM 

laughter bonds us to the people we laugh with-Meet fun people, laugh with them and make long term friendships

Tantra Pranayama



Tantra and Pranayama
  3 - hour workshop
The Art of Conscious loving- A Life Changing Experience
"There's no nudity at this workshop"
Learn breathing techniques and more that help you through your day life as well at night making love.

Tantra is the ancient love making secrets that enable you to have a healthy love life.

  • Uncover the truths and the secrets, dispel the myths and the confusion about the links between spirituality  and intensive experience in love / intimacy and making love

        what's on the program:

  • Become a better lover
  • Use more of your brain
  • Manifest anything you want transmuting your energy
  • Give & receive a greater amount of pleasure
  • Learn practical concepts and tools to use every day
  • The theory of Tantric ecstasy
  • The little known powers behind Tantra.
  • How to create the perfect environment for Tantra
  • Tantric positions, Tantric love making
  • Tantric breath control techniques
  • Engagement of all five human senses
  • The benefits of Tantric interaction
  •  beyond pleasure

Back Pain Reduction



Reduce and or eliminate your back pain



Anja: " I am telling everyone about your class. You are an amazing teacher .... Thanks for helping me getting rid of my back pain in such a short time. I would like to come to your mediation class as well  .... "

Do you know why you are experiencing such a back pain?

Causes of Back Pain



1. Chou, R. and Hoffman. L. H. Non-pharmacological Therapies for Acute and Chronic Lower Back Pain: A Review of the Evidence for an American Pain Society / American College of Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Ann Intern Med 147, 492-504 (2007)

2. NICE Early Management of Persistent Non-Specific Low Back Pain  <http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG88> NICE guidelines [CG88] Published date: May 2009

There's some truth to the below statement, and that is a lot of our back pains have to do with our life style.

The image below shows that our mind plays a role in the level of the pain that we experience />

If you belong to the first group with non- specific / simple back pains, we guarantee that we can help you reduce or eliminate your lower back pain. GUARANTEED!

How we do it?

Body flexibility:  Yoga Therapy specifically for back pain

Muscle Training: Abdomen and Back muscle strengthening  

Cardio- Vascular Practices:  For better blood circulation through-out the body and for the health of the heart.

What is required from you:

Participating in ALL 3 sessions

Practice at home / office for a few minutes, a few times

Make short and long term necessary changes to your life style